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We offer a wide range of high quality of freelancing and virtual assistant activities.


We are a team of freelancers working together full time or part time. We have members from all over the world in our team. All our team members are working together and helping each other to earn more amount every day. Almost all types of people are working with us with different talent and different business ideas.

If you want any job done or you want a part time job. You are a student or you are a house wife, you can get lots of different types of jobs here and you can also get varity of business oppurtunity here. We have multiple teams to assist and train our new users. Like – Support Team, Technical Team, Marketing team, Training Team, CPC Team.

As a user you can earn good amount of money with us from varity of ways. And as a contractor you can expcet 100% original service from us. We are reaching our audience directly either it is physically meet or digitally via call, whatsapp or facebook. So you can get your requirement done with 100% satisfication.


Anyone can join as a free user on any of our CPC team member’s website. As a free user you can earn by completing the posted jobs or selling products or services.

Except that there are three user types

  • CPC Team Member – Work and earn together with our team. As a CPC team member, you can earn 3% of your direct member’s fees. 50% of their total earning, 30% from their 2nd level users earning, and 20% from their 3rd level users earning from our projects.

  • Team Leader – Manage a small team of 30 CPC Team members or more. As a Team Leader, you can earn 5% of your direct member’s fees. 50% of their total earning, 30% from their 2nd level users earning, and 20% from their 3rd level users earning from our projects.

  • Group Leader – Manage a team of 200 members or more. As a Group Leader, you can earn 7% of your direct member’s fees. 50% of their total earning, 30% from their 2nd level users earning, and 20% from their 3rd level users earning from our projects.

If you prefer to work online in your own time and at your own website then one of our user types may be right up your start.


You can join and work as a free user on our team member’s website. You can get lots of easy jobs to complete and earn regularly.

  • Share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  • Like, share, and subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Download and install mobile apps.
  • Visit and register websites.
  • Complete free offers
  • Make posts on classified websites.
  • Write comments and reviews.
  • And many more jobs you can complete according to your experience.

You can start working as a free user by joining our team member’s websites. You can get lots of job offers by visiting our earn now section. Or you can click here.

  • Select the job you can work and complete. You can get the team member’s website link where the job is posted.
  • You can visit that website and create your account.
  • Then select the job and apply it.
  • When you will be verified by our team members, you can start your work, complete the job, and submit proof according to the requirements.
  • When the client verify your submission, you will get paid,

If you have any more questions then please make a live chat with our support team.

As a CPC team member, you will get your personal website to work. And their multiple methods you can earn with. You can also get live training from your team leader or group leader at the necessary steps.

And the most important thing is, we can 100% guarantee that you must earn with our team.

  • You can get regular jobs from your team leader.
  • You can share your own affiliate link on your website and can earn a lot.
  • You can join CPC and CPM ad networks. Where you can earn some good amount of money by placing their text and banner advertisements on your website.
  • You can join users to work and earn with your website. You can join your friends, family, and relatives to work on your website as a free user and you can give them work and pay them for their work.
  • You can directly deal with clients and accept payments for some jobs like sharing on social media, like, share, subscribe YouTube channels, download and install mobile apps, register and subscribe websites, click and visit websites, write reviews and comments and many more.

As we told above, there are multiple ways you can earn with your website. Below are some examples:

  • You can make posts on your websites and can join ad networks. Place their advertisements on your website. And make a job for your users to visit that post by clicking the post link. When your users will visit that link, they can see your post and some advertisements as well. And for that, you can earn some money from the ad networks. Then you can pay 60% to 80% of your earnings to your users. And the rest amount is your profit. You can find lots of ad networks by searching on Google. (Just type and search “list of best CPC and CPM ad networks to earn money with a website.)
  • You can join different types of ad networks like popup ads, pay per download ads, shorten link ads, and many more. And place their ad code on your website and make projects for your users. When your users will visit your website, you can earn some money from the ad networks. And you can pay 60% to 80% to your users.
  • You can join a lot of sites that pay for affiliates. You can find a lot of apps and websites like this. Join them and share your affiliate links. If you are getting $0.10 per one affiliate then you pay $0.05 to your users. In this way, you can get thousands of affiliates within 1 or 2 days and can earn hundreds of dollars in 1 or 2 days. (You can find a lot of websites and apps that pay affiliate commissions for joining new users by searching on Google.)
  • You can promote your personal YouTube or Instagram channel to increase followers and subscribers. If you have a good amount of followers on Instagram or a good number of subscribers on YouTube then you can earn some smart amounts per day from YouTube or Instagram.
  • You can contact clients directly and get jobs from them. Or if you are not smart enough to find clients, they also don’t worry. You can get lots of jobs regularly with your team leader. Post them on your website. When your users complete them, you can earn a good amount of money.
  • You can join some micro worker sites and get a lot of regular jobs from those websites. Post those jobs on your website, when your users will complete those jobs, you will get money. Pay your users some percent and rest is your profit.

These are some examples of earning money with us as a CPC team member. Except that you can get some more profits day by day. You can get updated jobs regularly for your users. The more users will work on your website, the more profit you can earn.

No matter if you are smart enough to get users or clients. You must earn with our team. Because you will get regular jobs from your team leader, and all the users of our other team members will also work on your website.

You just need to work 1-2 hours a day. Just collect jobs from your team leader, and post them on your website. And you are ready to earn. That’s all.

The straight and simple answer to this question is ‘we don’t know’. Because the more you work, the more you can earn. Let’s make some calculations. We will calculate 2 earning methods. And you will get an idea of how much you can earn.

Earn from ad networks:

Earning from ad networks is very simple. You just need to join those websites. Get your ad code and paste it on your website. When any user will visit your website, he/she can see advertisements. Like you are watching on different websites and apps. And for those advertisements, you will get money from the ad networks.

Earning Calculation:

The average amount you can earn for one CPC click is $0.02

And if you have 1000 users working on your website, then you can get 1000x$0.02 = $40 per day.

You can pay your users $3 for visiting your website and the rest amount is your profit.

As we told before, as a CPC team member, lots of users of other team members will also work on your website. You can also join your friends, family members, and relatives to work on your website. And you can pay them some % of your profit.

Earn referral commission from different websites and apps:

This is a super easy and effective method to earn some huge amount of money quickly with your website and with the team. You can find lots of websites and apps, those pay referral commission if someone joined by clicking your referral link. And every day you can get new apps and websites. I just need to search a little on Google or YouTube.

We will take two examples here. One is for Bangladesh and one is for India.

For Bangladesh:

There is an app called Bkash(this is just an example. You can get more apps and websites by searching on Google.)

This app pays 20 taka referral commission if someone will join by clicking your affiliate link.

You just make a project and post it on your website as well as a post on the entire team member’s website. There are lots of members in our team, and lots of users also.

Project description: I will pay you 10 taka if you will install this app by clicking on my referral link.

And you will get lots of users will install that app by clicking your affiliate link. For example: If 1000 users installed your app by clicking your referral link, then you can earn 1000×20 = 20,000 taka

Pay 10 taka to one user, 1000 user = 10,000 taka

And the rest is your profit. If you will search regularly then you can find many apps and websites like this.

For India: The above calculation is 100% the same for all members. You can get tons and tons of apps and websites that pay referral commissions.

We think you can understand the amount you can earn is totally depends on you. If you cannot find clients or websites, they also don’t worry, you can get jobs from your team leader regularly.

When you will make a Team of 30 members under you, you will be promoted to a Team Leader.

A team leader will get all the benefits of a CPC team leader as well as will get the following benefits.

  1. You will get 5% of the website order amount of your direct users as well as 50% commission of your 1st level user’s total earnings, 30% of your 2nd level users earning and 20% of your 3rd level users total earning,  from the jobs offered by our support team.
  2. A YouTube channel with more than 1000 subscribers and 4k hours watch time.
  3. Instagram followers (More than 1000 followers)
  4. More than 1000 visits on his/her website.
  5. There are many more benefits you will get as per your experiences.

Team leader responsibility:

 The main responsibility of a team leader is to manage his team. Collect jobs from the marketing team and distribute it to their team members. When your team member completes a job from his/her website, then submit the proof to the marketing team.

You can also collect direct clients in multiple ways. If you want to learn more about getting clients, then we can contact the marketing team. You can get proper training and can get good amount of direct clients as well.

This is the most difficult part of any business or website. How to get users or customers? Well, we will explain. This is an easy job to get users or customers. Very easy. But before you start joining any user under you, you should have to know the following points.

  • This is not a scheme or MLM concept. This is an employee and worker system. Your website is your office or shop. Your users will work to earn. You will get payment from clients or ad networks. (If you don’t know about ad networks then search in Google about CPA, CPL, CPC and CPM ad networks)
  • The main concept is you will give work to other people on your website. If they will complete the work in the correct format, then you can earn. And you can pay 60%-80% to your free users.
  • You can get jobs and clients from many ad networks or freelancing platforms as well as from our other team members also. So there is not any single company which will pay you and cheats you.
  • We are a team, helping each other to earn more and more. If you are getting a client, then you can also share this job with the other team members and the other team members will also share their users and clients with you. In this way, all the members of our team can earn some good amounts.
  • Overall this is a 100% legal online business. You can do it yourself also. But it will cost you a lot of money and hard work.
  • You are joining our team to work together and earn together.
  • No one in this world can tell us a scam, because this is a 100% real and genuine system. If any person tells it scam or fake, it means he/she doesn’t know anything about website or online earning. Or maybe that persons think himself as the smartest person in the world. So just ignore him and move forward.
  • And never ever hesitate to inform everyone about your website. Because a website means an online shop or an online business. And a practicable business. Every person can be your user or customer. So inform everyone.

Now follow these steps to get more and more users.

  1. First, write a text message or record a voice message about your website or concept. And send it to your family members, relatives, and friends. And request them to forward it with their friends and relatives. A message like 🙁 Hey, I just launched my own personal website. If you want to earn a full time or part-time income online, then you can work on my website. Or you can also sell anything on my website. I will pay you for your work.)
  2. Send a message like this to all your friends, family, and relatives. And don’t hesitate to tell them about your website, because a website is a business. You are not doing anything illegal. If any of your friends, family or relatives want to work with you, then they can join you, if not they can also sell their product or service, if they don’t want to join your website then also this is okay. It is their wish. So don’t worry and move forward. But don’t leave a single one. Send a message to everyone you know.
  3. List your social media friends from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Write the same message or record a voice message and send them directly to their inbox. If they are interested then they will contact you, if not then not worry.
  4. Target social media groups. Post continuously on groups and reply to other’s comments. You will get users. It may take some time. But you must get users. Join more and more groups and post as much as you can.
  5. Don’t force anyone to join. Because you will build a website to run your business and earn some profits. And this is a 100% legal job. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter-like all big companies are earning from advertisements only. If a person can’t understand this concept then he/she will not join. And we can’t join that user in our CPC team if he/she can’t understand this concept.
  6. If anyone says this is a scam, and then be sure that, the person knows nothing about website or ad networks. Tell him to learn about it first or just ignore him. Because if he will work on your website as a free user, then you will pay him and you will earn from ad networks and other clients. Here you yourself will pay your users. So there is no question of fake or scam.

Some extra methods to get clients:

You can get two types of clients here as a CPC team member.

  • You can get clients from your team leader.

You can get regular jobs from your team leader. Just ask your team leader for some jobs, collect jobs from your team leader, and post it on your website. When the job will be completed by your users, submit the proof to your team leader and you will be paid within 48 to 72 hours by your team leader.

The more direct clients you get, the more you can earn. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn if you can’t get direct clients. You can earn from those clients also which our other team members will get.

You can post other member’s products or jobs on your website, and also can earn commissions.

  • You can find your own clients

You can get lots of direct clients also. You can earn a little bit more from direct clients. Some tricks are given bellow by following which you can get direct clients. You can find many more ways by searching on Google or YouTube.

Create accounts on different micro job sites. Like or etc. and post their services like: “I will send 5000 unique real global visitors to your website” or “I will give you 100 real subscribers for $5”

You can post these types of messages on your social media groups also. Like Facebook groups, Instagram groups, twitter groups. In this way, you can get a good number of clients.

One best method is joining earning money online groups on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram etc. Join as much as you can. There you can get lots of websites and youtube videos, which needs the user to register their website or subscribers for their youtube channel. You can contact and reply to them directly. And offer them your price and services. 90% chances are there that you will get a good amount of clients by using this method.

Find the websites on any subject, which pays affiliate commission to register their website or download their app., Join there, and share your affiliate link. You can also get quick and best results. You can earn more money in this easy method.

And you can get clients from our support team also. So overall if you have your website and you are a member of our team, then we all are with you to help and support.

You can also get the direct training from our support team by booking a session. And you can ask your doubts; learn some great methods to get more projects and more clients. And get step by step live training to earn more.

Please make a live chat with our support team members regarding your questions. You can get the live chat option on the bottom corner.